Welcome !

This is a simple interface to feed our Daisy Web Player with your own Daisy 2.02 projects.

The application has been completely rewritten and a few new features have been added.

Current version: 13.06-RC2 (Release date: 27jun2013).

You can find us at at SourceForge! Here is the project link.

Comments, critics and suggestions ar always welcome! Contact us here.

Test it !

Test your own DAISY 2.02 book !

To play a media, please enter the full URL to your Daisy 2.02 project NCC file (e.g. http://www.yoursite.com/media/book1/ncc.html) into the edit box and click on the 'Play it!' button.


You can also read some books already on line. Go to the "books" page (french). Click here!

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