Important note

As it is distributed, DWP uses the jplayer library hosted at
It appears the library is no longer hosted there, and so, DWP crashes.

To solve the problem, apply following modification to daisywp.html:
Replace line

<script src=""></script>
<script src=""></script>

Welcome !

This is a simple interface to feed our Daisy Web Player with your own Daisy 2.02 projects.

The application has been completely rewritten and a few new features have been added.

Current version: 13.06-RC2 (Release date: 27jun2013).

You can find us at at SourceForge! Here is the project link.

Comments, critics and suggestions ar always welcome! Contact us here.

Test it !

Test your own DAISY 2.02 book !

To play a media, please enter the full URL to your Daisy 2.02 project NCC file (e.g. into the edit box and click on the 'Play it!' button.


You can also read some books already on line. Go to the "books" page (french). Click here!

Like it ?

If this software is useful to you, if you want to support our work, consider a donation to ABA. Donate !